Core Setting Book

Bound for Beyond introduces a host of exciting new features and mechanics that elevate the tabletop roleplaying experience beyond the realm of high fantasy usually found in Dungeons & Dragons. While still rooted in the familiar D&D 5e system, Bound for Beyond expands upon it with additions designed to capture the essence of science fiction and space exploration.

One of the standout elements of Bound for Beyond is its thrilling spaceship combat system. Engage in epic battles across teh stars, commanding your own ship and leading your crew to victory. Experience the rush of strategic decision making as you navigate the Void, unleash devastating weapons, and outmaneuver your adversaries in intense dogfights. The inclusion of spaceship combat adds a new dimension to the game, allowing for exciting scenarios and epic spacefaring adventures.

In addition to the spaceship combat, Bound for Beyond introduces a six new character classes that offer unique abilities and playstyles that fit the setting and work with some of the new dynamics. Embrace the role of a Vanguard, a futuristic warrior and formidable force on the battlefield. Harness the mysterious of psionic power as a Psion, blending magic and technology within the Beyond. Whether you prefer to be a master of weapons and tech or a conduit of cosmic energies, Bound for Beyond offers character classes and species that will captivate your imagination and redefine your D&D experience.

6 New Classes

6 New Factions

 5 New Species (Races)



A cunning and adaptable species that has ensured its survival by expanding its presence to almost every inhabitable planet in the Beyond. 

The Antix small stature and unusual appearance has caused many foes to underestimate these shrewd insectoids, usually to their extreme misfortune. 


The Cyreans are the great minds of the Hegemony, often serving as diplomats or scholars. 

Their large, hulking bodies belie a soft-spoken, introspective species that prizes wisdom, intelligence, and harmony.


These advanced humanoid simulacrums journey through the Beyond in an effort to expand their knowledge and reconnect with the Kindred Song. 

Their broad range of skills and abilities allow them to excel at almost any task they attempt. 


Renowned for their ferocity, and feared by their enemies, their combat prowess is surpassed only by their loyalty. 

As the only race eligible to serve in the Honor Guard, few would choose to confront an Olban if given the choice. 


Known for their exceptional strength and endurance, Sadors have spread far throughout the Beyond. 

Wherever they are found, they share a reputation for their physical achievements and industrious nature.



With a commanding presence and a wealth of knowledge, Conductors stand ready to lead their allies through even the most dire of circumstances. 

Whether in the midst of battle or navigating the complexities of interstellar politics, the Conductor is always the voice of reason. 


With the vast expanse of space before them, Pilots navigate the endless void with skill and daring. 

From ace dogfighters to distance haulers, there's no route to difficult for these space jockeys.  



Through focus and concentration, the Psion unlocks the secrets of the universe that lie hidden within their own mind. 

Drawing on this innate power, they bend the cosmos to their will, for good, or for ill. 


The epitome of long range combat, Sentinels employ their keen tactical intellect as they seek to take down their targets. 

Often operating from the shadows, they remain a constant threat to their enemies.


When things go wrong, stuff  breaks, and someone need to fix it. From the simplest lifeforms to the most advanced hyper-reactors, there are very few things a Technician can't repair. 

Constantly on the lookout for things to upgrade, reinforce, and modify, these experts are always ready. 


Vanguards are the bulwark of their allies, prepared to protect others from the threats the lurk in the shadows. 

Adept in the art of combat and skilled in melee and ranged weaponry, the Vanguard stands ready to face even the fiercest of foes.